venerdì 23 settembre 2011

Madame Guitar International Acoustic Guitar Festival (Madame Guitar Festival Internazionale di Chitarra Acustica)

Marcio Rangel (Brazil) Solo performance date — September 24, 2011 Marcio Rangel, a brilliant graduate of the D’Alva Stella Conservatory is an extraordinary guitarist and Brazilian composer. He composes in a synthesis of styles that range from Brazilian guitar school to blues, from jazz to classical, jazz, samba, bossa, and flamenco. An extraordinary left-handed guitar player, Rangel plays a normal “right handed” guitar turned around, thus creating an original sonority — more powerful in the bases and voluptuous in the highs. This unique style creates new possibilities of chord fingerings and sounds. Rangel’s compositions are of a rare beauty and lyrical quality. He has been a guest, as interpreter and composer, in several festivals internationally. For more information visit Marcio Rangel (Brazil) and Flavio Boltro (Italy) Duo performance — September 25, 2011 Flavio Boltro is a musician of absolute grandeur and elegance. He has participated in many festivals and tours as a sideman with Freddie Hubbard and Jimmy Cobb. Former member of the sextet of Michel Petrucciani, collaborates with Stefano Di Battista. In ‘98 Boltro is quoted by Wynton Marsalis, one of the best trumpet players of the global jazz scene. He scored one of the most interesting of contemporary jazz in Italy with famous musicians such as Roberto Gatto, Franco Cerri, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Gino Paoli and, indeed, Stefano Di Battista. His international success has been enshrined in Paris, working not only with Petrucciani, and with jazz artists such as planetary Cedar Walton, Bob Berg, Don Cherry and Wynton Marsalis, these trumpet players jump into the ranks of today’s world-class. Boltro was also involved in a project dedicated to Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan called “The Trumpet of the King” that was born from an encounter with another trumpet player in Turin — Fabrizio Bosso — his pupil, to express their musical heritage in search their own style and its own language. Marcio Rangel, the amazing Brazilian left-handed guitarist and composer, has great talent, charisma and eclecticism. Marcio Rangel began playing the guitar at sixteen and developed his own style using a guitar upsidedown: playing, that is, the lower with the ring finger and little finger and the melody with the thumb, index and middle fingers. The result is thus a more powerful bass sound and smooth high notes, which develops new fingerings and a melodic sense and rhythmic harmony. His music is personal and innovative instrumental technique. His compositions are of rare beauty aesthetic and lyrical, with harmony and complex rhythms, but at the same time, simple and incisive, melodically accessible at first listen. He was a guest, as an interpreter and/or composer, of great artistic festivals in Italy and abroad and has performed both as soloist and in various formations, alongside established artists of national and international music scene. In presenting his so-called “Palavras do Som” the magazine “Guitars” has compared the rhythms and sounds to the guru Egberto Gismonti. Rangel returns to “Madame Guitar 2011” after performing as an exciting soloist in September 2008.

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